Remedial Crack Injection

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Sovereign's world class injection technology has been successfully used for the past 40 years.

Sovereign's extensive Research and Development program in the 70's resulted in the company lodging it's first patents - for the protection of a damp proofing apparatus for impregnating constructional elements with the registered trade names Scem 66 and NOH2O. NOH2O is a patented blend of non solid rubber mixed with additives to promote flow and adhesion.

Our modified grout is non-toxic, non-hazardous with fire retardant polymer additives. NOH2O will not crack or tear when normal construction or ground movement occurs. The emulsion has a particle size of 0.6 nanometer making it as penetrable as water at time of injection, allowing us to pump it into all the joints and cracks of a structure. NOH2O is stable until activated, either chemically or mechanically. It then coagulates to form a solid, flexible, impermeable rubber membrane.

Water bearing cracks entry and leak areas are filled up with our special blend of rubber emulsions by injecting it under high pressure into the suspected area. On tiled surfaces, like pool decks, patios and slabs the application is completed without lifting any tiles. Badly worn and broken screeds are also repaired by saturating it under pressure, with our liquid rubber emulsion, without any excavation.

Our Product has successfully sealed waste disposal sites, concrete roofs and slabs, pool decks, basements and cellars, underground parking garages, underground tunnels, dam walls, reservoirs, retaining walls, lift wells, subways, dewatering pits, grain silo’s and pipes encased in concrete. We do not use surface applicators or excavate to gain access to the ground side of a structure.

All repairs are completed by means of injecting NOH2O into the water bearing areas of the structure. The effect is comparable to applying a waterproofing membrane to the soil side of the structure, without the need for excavation.

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